1. Not Good Enough
    Friday, 4th April 2014

    I would like to thank my good friend, Jon D Barker, for tagging me in and creating the motivation tag and for the kind and supportive words he had to say about me (his video). It’s a video tag with three purposes; to motivate yourself, to motivate people you know and to motivate others. I think it’s a great idea. 

    As I wrote my thoughts for the video, I realised I had to cut out the ‘motivate people you know’ section from the final video because I was struggling to say what I thought without it becoming a video lasting 32 weeks. And I don’t think I have enough footage of me riding a bike to put that together. 

    So here, in written form, are 3 people I would like to tag and say some words too:

    Mira Duel
    You’re a very intelligent and interesting guy who has the ability to create thought-provoking discussion, which is only made that much more impressive when you remember you’re still at school. Although the people around you at the moment might not agree with that.

    You have a good eye for things and a great way with words that make me suffer from mad creative envy sometimes. 

    When I was your age, I felt that the restrictions set by my parents and school very depressing. I would constantly look at other people and feel less of a person than them for them. I don’t feel like I can fully understand what it must be like for you as you seem to have more restrictions being at boarding school and all. But it’s important to remember you’ll be free soon. Just bare through the exams and then you can do what you want.

    All I have to say is to surround yourself around good people and explore new experiences and places. But don’t do anything stupid. 

    Quinn Humphreys
    My son. You are a very ambitious individual. I hate how much I’m going to use this phrase in this article but, when I was your age, I was the same. I wanted to make things for YouTube. I had all these ideas but lacked the helpful friends or equipment.

    I would of loved to be in your scenario at your age. You have some great creative friends. I can tell you’re inspired and that’s good. Use it to motivate you. Projects will be difficult and may put you off in the early run but keep at it. You learn and evolve. Just don’t kill off the dream this early. Just think how much you’re going to improve in only a years time. It’s going to be drastically different! But you’re not going to improve until you try again and again (wait for it) and again. Do your homework, try and try again. 

    Sometimes it good to distance yourself from YouTube. Don’t compare yourself to others on there and especially don’t let it bring you down. Expose yourself to a lot of different good pieces. You’ll pick up more things that way. Good luck to you. 

    Kato Murphy 
    Every time we interact, you leave me impressed by your knowledge for what you do. You even teach me new things. You’re a very intelligent guy and you have a eye for good things. Your taste is superb. It shows in your work and in conversation.

    I know a-levels are bringing you down at the minute. I can’t imagine what that’s like. At college, I did a course that I was good at and didn’t feel like work. Deep down I felt sorry for the a-level students whilst I felt excited to write essays about things I love. Even though your subjects aren’t going to directly aid what you want to do, it’s really good you’re not giving up. I probably would have. Academia at GCSE almost killed me. 

    Just be sure to keep yourself sane by rewarding yourself with doing creative things. That’ll do you good. I don’t have much to tell you aside from don’t forget you have a promising future ahead of you and I’d be lying if I said I’m not excited to work with you more. (Thank you for teaching me how to ride a bike by the way). 

  2. Home
    Thursday, 6th February 2014

    I had a photography day with Tom the other day. We went out with two Canon SLRs and Tom brought his DSLR. I haven’t shot anything on DSLR in a while, so Tom lent me his camera.

    We went on a little walk around where we live in Salisbury. It’s weird to think I’m definitely going to living somewhere different in a year from now. Even now, when I walk through my home town I feel like I’m revisiting. You know that distinct feeling you used to get when I was walking home from school? I get that when I travel up to London. I’ve never lived in London but I spent more time in London than I do in my home town this days. It’s weird. I’ve noticed, when I walk up to Waterloo station, I reach for house keys too. 

    The places we passed through on our walk are places I used to spend a lot of time when I was younger but no so much these days.