1. 35mm Photography, Hipster!
    Monday, 3rd February 2014

    image Recently, I copped a Canon AE-1 SLR camera from eBay. There is one difference between DSLR and SLR cameras. SLRs take 35mm film. My experience with 35mm prior to obtaining the gorgeous Canon AE-1 (which I’ve named Kato) didn’t go beyond disposable cameras.

    In the photo above, that’s my friend Jon D Barker looking all kinds of fine. 

    Disposable cameras are good fun. You’re restricting to a number of shots that can’t review and delete so you’re constricted to a set number of shots which makes you think about your shots more. You also get a real nice nostalgia-inducing feeling as you go through your photos after they’ve been developed. Now imagine all that, plus actually being able to take photos with more control over the aperture, shutter speed, also given a choice of over which film you use, interchangeable lens and even compatible with modern hot-shoe items like flashes AND you can get some really lovely shots.


    I think buying an old SLR was a good decision on my part. I’m super happy with how the shots came out. I’m going to start sharing my photography on my Tumblr. If you want to see the entire set of photos from my first proper attempt at 35mm, you can see them here

  2. A film about my 2013
    Thursday, 9th January 2014

    2013 has been a slow year for me. I feel like in 2012, there was a constant income of fun memories being made whereas 2013 delivered extraordinarily unforgettable memories but delivered them long and far in between. 

    I traveled a lot more this year. I never saw myself as much of an adventurer when I was younger. I was always someone who observe, research, and thought about embarking on adventures but never did. I think it was whilst returning to the UK from a spontaneous two day trip to Hong Kong to see my friend, Aly, when I thought “that was quite the adventure”. 

    I pursued a lot more film projects in 2012 but they were all much significantly smaller. I feel like I’ve been much more ambitious this year and don’t plan on taking it easy any time soon. 

    On the topic of YouTube, I felt like some of the connections I had with people I met through making  videos on YouTube in 2012 have weakened. I assume due to my focus with making films and the ideal mindset of a ‘successful’ YouTuber are at a crossroads now. I’m probably no longer the a popular choice to collaborate with or to be seen talking to on Twitter as I’m probably not going to be gaining many more subscribers any time soon. 

    But that’s okay. 

    The friends, collaborators and audience who have stayed, I can now be certain are doing so with no shallow or self-gain intent and that’s good. 

    I have a too many ideas and big plans for 2014. It’s such a shame I only have 365 to try to make do with. I’ll try.