1. 2012
    Saturday, 2nd February 2013

    A year of my life, captured on camera. These snippets of my year sequenced in chronological order. Many of them, I have never used and have forgotten about until I made this video.

    I always carry a camera of some kind so I’m prepared to capture those snippets of my life I want share with you, but I also do it for myself. I also never delete anything. Going through all the footage and finding those moments I never used and simply forgot about was odd. Often, I was reminded of my progression as a person, filmmaker as well as the friendships I’ve developed and gained. This was a very good year. 

    I cut in a few shots in there purely for myself. At 0:14, Heloise says “She’s my best friend now” for as a part of a joke we were talking about. The reason why I decided to edit in that snippet is because that was my first conversation with her and I found it funny how she is now one of my closest friends. 

    And moments like 0:08 when I first met my now good friend, Bertie. That was an odd moment because I didn’t know who he was at all. I just filmed him because he was standing above me. It’s so odd that I’m able to rediscover these forgotten memories. 

    Ensuring 2013 is anywhere near as equally as amazing will be difficult. I wouldn’t change a thing.