1. Slacker
    Saturday, 2nd February 2013

    The initial motivation behind writing this sketch was to make internet cutiepie, Bertie Gilbert, portray a character who was a bit of an arse. 

    Also, I very much enjoyed putting all the attention of detail in this video. Like the differences between my character’s desk, and Bertie’s character’s desk. If you pay close attention, you can see a wooden giraffe on Bertie’s side which loses one of it’s ear after it’s first appearance. Have I ruined the magic of cinema for you yet? 

    We shot this at Ravensbourne University. Hayden hooked us up. Surprisingly, we managed to turn their editing suit into a pretty convincing modern-looking office space. I was worried that it would like a half-arsed student film. Turns out Ravensbourne has a pretty nice modern designed building. You should go order a prospectus now. 

    This shoot had the most laughs of anything else I’ve produced. I think mainly because of the large number of characters we had on set. With Bertie, Ashlee, Maddi and Patrick (Matrick) and Heloise as members of the cast, laughs were inevitable.